Why Learn ADHD Money Management?

ADHD Money Coaching

Do you feel overwhelmed by the thought of your finances? Do you feel like you should be better with money management, but you can’t find the motivation due to your ADHD? Heard of a budget, but not sure where to start? You are not alone!  ADHD and money problems can be common. Adults with ADHD are three times more likely to have debt compared with the general population per The Guardian. Here’s how to get your ADHD brain motivated to start keeping track of your money.

Use Positive ADHD Traits To Connect With a Deeper Purpose for ADHD Money Management

Did you know that there are positive ADHD traits?  They don’t get talked about nearly as often as the negative ones, that’s for sure!  Here are three traits you may have:

  1. Generous–You enjoy helping others
  2. Ingenious–You think out of the box, and enjoy creating new things
  3. A strong sense of Justice–You want to fight the injustice you see

If none of these resonate with you, think about your own special interests. What inspires you? What have you hyper focused on lately? Pick something you’re passionate about.

Use Positive ADHD Traits To Define Your “Why” for ADHD Money Management

Once you’ve identified a positive ADHD trait that resonates with you, take some time to think about it, and how that ADHD trait has affected your life.  For example:

  • Generosity:
    • Do you often find yourself helping out family & friends, and then struggling to pay your own bills?
    • Do you have a cause that you’re passionate about, and would love to support financially, but don’t know how?
  • Ingenuity:
    • Do you have a really cool idea for a new invention and you’d love to get it off the ground, but don’t have money for supplies?
  • Justice:
    • Is there something that really fires you up and you want to fix it, but you need money to do so?

All of these would be great reasons for a person with ADHD to learn money management.  By learning how to manage your money, you’ll first gain a better understanding of where your money ends up. Then you can make more informed decisions about where it needs to go. You’ll be able to see exactly how much you have to allocate toward the things that you are passionate about and still be sure you have the money to pay the bills! 💸  

An Adult With ADHD May Benefit From Using an ADHD Money Coach To Make the Best Use of Resources

Even though you may have a phenomenal “why” for ADHD money management or strong ADHD passions that you want to invest in, you may be stopped by the thought of a budget. ADHD and budgeting can go together! An ADHD Money Coach can help you get on track and help you to form new habits with money. Once you have a money management plan in place, get ready to finance those ADHD goals for years to come. Don’t wait; slots are filling up fast…

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