When Should an Adult with ADHD Consider Getting a Money Coach?

Are you dreading opening your credit card statement?  If you have ADHD, that dread may be due to more than just wondering if you can afford the payment!

Why Does My ADHD Make Me So Bad With Money?

Let’s stick with that credit card statement example.  There’s 3 primary reasons why it’s probably stressing you out:

  1. Overwhelm – You don’t know where to start
  2. Task initiation – Maybe you do know where to start, but you can’t make yourself start
  3. Decision-making/prioritization – Once you open your credit card statement, you’ll have to decide whether you can pay it now, or you need to pay that overdue electric bill first! (#TheStruggleIsReal 😬)

Further, if you are ignoring the bill, it makes it feel “out of sight, out of mind”. Time blindness makes it difficult to plan for future expenses while dealing with present ones. 

Do Any of These ADHD Financial Troubles Sound Familiar to You?

  • You have no idea how much money is in your bank account 
  • You’re afraid to open your mail
  • You have money fights with your partner regularly
  • You are overwhelmed by debt, and not sure what to do 
  • You live paycheck to paycheck 
  • You are overdrafting more than once or twice a year
  • Never had a budget you use 
  • You would need to use a credit card to cover a $1,000 emergency

If it sounds like we are describing your life exactly, Money Coaching may be the solution to your financial woes! 💰

Follow These ADHD friendly Tips To Improve Your Money Management

If you’ve never tried to manage your money before, start small.  Track all of your purchases for 30 days.  If that seems like too much, try tracking just one category, like groceries, eating out, or even just Starbucks coffees!

If you’re like so many of my clients, you’ve tried pen & paper, you’ve tried a spreadsheet, you’ve tried an app, but nothing has stuck… it’s time to try something new.  Give money coaching a try.  As your money coach, I will give you the tools you need to overcome the obstacles that have stopped you from seeing success in the past.  

Book a consultation with me today.  I’m looking forward to talking with you!

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