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Past Events & Recordings

How to set ADHD-Friendly Goals

After the webinar, you will understand:

  • How to set goals that are challenging and achievable (and why it’s important to not set goals too high or too small)
  • How to create an action plan (and why clarity of action is essential for success)
  • Why visualizing success isn’t actually motivating (and why harnessing fear-of-failure is)
  • How to use 30 seconds of focus to ready your brain for action (and why this simple technique isn’t better known in the ADHD community)
How to Manage Your Money (despite your ADHD) Webinar: Friday, November 12

ADHD & Money

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Ryan will discuss the following at this event:

  • Why you are in debt
  • The impact ADHD has on that
  • How to get out of debt
  • Ryan’s story of overcoming financial hardship
  • (Realistic) strategies to get your financial situation under control

You will also get access to THREE exclusive PDF resource downloads that will help you to gain and maintain control over your finances.

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