ADHD Resources

These are some of my favorite ADHD-related resources. I hope they can be as beneficial for you as they have been for me!

- Coach Ryan

  • Follow this link for an assessment to see if you have ADHD**

  • **What if the results say I have ADHD?
    This test is not a diagnosis, so you do need to find a professional to confirm these results. We recommend printing your results and sharing them with your healthcare provider. In the meantime, ADDA has lots of programs, groups, and information on ADHD.

  • (Depending on the results you got from the assessment, you can explore the Psychology Today directory in the next section to find a qualified health professional to diagnose you).
  • Interested in connecting with others who are working on managing ADHD symptoms during the workday? Check out Coach Ryan’s Facebook group focused on ideas and hacks to help better manage your ADHD symptoms during the workday. 
    Check it out here.
  • Check out his unconventional approach here.
  • His username is @adhd_coach_ryan

Free Webinar -

5 Shifts for Conquering Your ADHD at Work

You know “what to do”, you know “how to do it”, but when it is time to ACTUALLY WORK ON “the thing”, you just can’t seem to get started, right?! If that sounds familiar, then this webinar is for you!