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Ryan Mayer, certified ADHD Coach, is on a mission to help others navigate through the storms caused by ADHD.

Navigating the challenges of ADHD is not easy.

  • You are not alone
  • You are NOT broken
  • You are welcome here!

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ADHD Coaching Programs

Group ADHD Coaching

A community of others who struggle with many of the same ADHD problems. Work together on new approaches to overcome these challenges, all while feeling safe to share your authentic self.

1-on-1 ADHD Coaching

Regularly scheduled meetings, customized to your needs.
The goal: For you to come away from the conversation with tangible next steps. Experience real, measurable progress.

Hybrid ADHD Coaching

The best of both coach offerings. Plug into the ADHD community, while also having quality 1-on-1 time with Coach Ryan. Ideal for making progress while figuring out what progress looks like for you.

ADHD Accountability Coaching

You know what to do. You just need someone (besides your family) to keep you accountable. That’s where I come in.

1-on-1 Money Coaching

Twice monthly meetings with Coach Stephanie. If your money just seems to disappear, you may benefit from an ADHD-friendly way to help you assign a place for each dollar.

ADHD Online Community

This is a digital ADHD family for you to turn to when you need it the most. This trusting community is based on acceptance and understanding.
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Meet Ryan Mayer

Certified ADHD Coach

Ryan is on a mission to help others navigate through the storms caused by ADHD. He will help you start believing in yourself again, through empathy, enthusiam, and education. After working with Ryan, you will feel empowered to step into the happier life that everyone deserves. Schedule a call with Ryan to see if ADHD Coaching is right for you.

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How to set ADHD-Friendly goals
February 23rd – 7:30pm

How Can I Help You?

You may face some of these issues with ADHD, but Coach Ryan has strategies to help you overcome.

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Time Management

Grow habits to work and play smarter.

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Learn how to select daily objectives that matter most.

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Develop personal mantras to shift your mindset.

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Cultivate focus in your work and personal life.

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Learn how "Step 0" can help you start any task.

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Redirect inner hopelessness & criticism into positive action.

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Build inner strength to handle any storm.

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Reconnect with your best self, and get support from others who "get it".

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Improve your mental and physical responses to stress.

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Negative Self-Talk

Limit internal beliefs that hold you down.

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Diet & Health

Nutrition habits focused on long-term, sustainable health.

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Implement strategies from experts in the field of ADHD relationships.

Why Choose ADHD Coaching

I help my coaching clients – both with and without ADHD – to get back on track toward their goals by providing them a “judgment-free zone” to think, and be themselves.

My clients find that their time with me empowers them and gives them space to brainstorm, and discover their TRUE path.

Do you struggle with:

How Can Coaching Help?

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