Ryan and Andrea Mayer with their three children

About Coach Ryan

Professional Life Coach Ryan Mayer is an Accountability and Mindset Coach, specializing in working with adult men and women with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Ryan, a proud alumni of St. Edward High School, University of Dayton (undergrad), and Cleveland State University (Masters of Business Administration) lives in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio (USA) with his beautiful wife Andrea, and their three adorable children, Ethan, Lyla and Shane.

Ryan earned his coaching certification through the Attention Deficit Disorder Coaching Association (ADDCA), which is focused on educating brains like ours. ADDCA is a coaching certification program accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), which is the “gold standard” for the coaching industry.

Ryan's Journey to Coaching

Coach Ryan considers his ADHD diagnosis a gift. Like many of the ADHD clients that he serves, Ryan is never short on traits like: heightened awareness, enthusiasm, and hyperfocus. He always gives his best effort in everything he does, which has led to recognition from local, national, and global organizations. 

Ryan’s experience includes presenting to audiences at Fortune 500 companies, universities, and several groups & associations. He speaks on topics such as personal branding, job search strategies, and leadership development. Ryan earned both the Dale Carnegie Training Highest Achievement Award, as well as the Toastmasters Advanced Communicator certification.

Despite all the achievements during his 12 years in the corporate world, something was missing. He wasn’t leveraging his special ability to quickly and genuinely connect with people on a deep level. That all changed when Ryan attended the International ADHD Conference for the first time, and discovered the world of Professional Life Coaching. While at that conference, Ryan felt truly heard, understood, and accepted for the first time in his adult life. He knew he was meant to become an ADHD Life Coach, to provide those same feelings of connection and empowerment that he had experienced.

Now Ryan is doing work that truly matters, and makes a difference in the lives of those he is blessed to serve. He does not do it alone – everything with Ryan’s name on it comes from an infinite support network, starting with his wife Andrea.

Outside of helping his clients win at the game of life, and spending time with friends and family, Ryan also volunteers for the Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA), and is a member of both The Attention Deficit Disorder Coaching Organization (ACO), as well as the Professional Association for ADHD Coaches (PAAC).

Coach Ryan has found his life’s calling. Are you ready to find yours?

About Ryan Mayer Coaching

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