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New Release - How to Find Work That WORKS for Your ADHD

Are you feeling hopeless at work due to your ADHD? This course will clarify work conditions that align your strengths with your passions, unlocking your true potential.

This will allow you to start doing work that matters to you, so that you can live the happier life you deserve!

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SMS Find Work

How does an SMS course work?

It’s certified ADHD Coaching delivered straight to your phone, from an ADHD coach that has first hand lived the ADHD workplace struggles.
No logins or passwords to remember. Start this course and actually finish it!
During this 10-day interactive journey, we will start each morning at 9am. You will receive a text from me with a 90-second audio lesson. Then based on the topic for that day, you will receive a learner-led sequence of texts with thought provoking coaching questions, action items, and 5 printable worksheets.
Get accountability, support and share experiences in our private How To Find Work That WORKS for Your ADHD community.

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What will you Learn?

Go from flustered to focused in 10 days. Learn how to work WITH your ADHD brain instead of against it to find work that will bring you fulfillment and happiness.

About ADHD Coach Ryan Mayer

ADHD Coach Ryan Mayer, certified ADDCA and ICF coach, is on a mission to empower ADHDers towards their greatness. He has coached clients from 19 different countries, and has nearly half a million followers on social media. 

His Performance and Mindset coaching helps others navigate through the storms in their lives caused by ADHD. 

Having ADHD himself, Ryan calls on personal experience to equip his clients – who may feel like they are constantly falling short at work and at home – with the strategies to step into the happier life that they deserve.

Ryan is happily married to his (amazing neurotypical) wife Andrea. They have three adorable children, and live in Cleveland, OH (USA).

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How To Find Work That WORKS for Your ADHD!
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