5 Best Tips for Managing Your ADHD at Work

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Do you find yourself constantly battling distractions and struggling to stay on top of things at work? (Trust me, you’re NOT alone!) As someone who understands the daily hurdles of living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), I feel you on a deep [painful] level. I have been there. I have been on Performance Improvement Plans. I have been fired from or quit jobs due to my ADHD. I wish I knew then what I know now to have helped my younger self. That is why it is my mission to help others – like you – with ADHD to not have to experience the same pitfalls as it did. With that in mind, I want to shed light on five reasons why having ADHD can make work a real challenge, as well as empowering tips on how to navigate these obstacles and thrive in your professional life. So, let’s dive in!

Find a Work Environment That Allows Your ADHD Brain to Focus

Ah, the ever-elusive focus. It’s like trying to catch a butterfly in a windstorm, right? Our ADHD brains have a knack for wandering off on tangents, making it tough to concentrate on tasks at hand, especially in a distracting work environment. At one of my past jobs, my desk was literally next to the shared printer for the ENTIRE DEPARTMENT (of 200+ people)! …which made it the unofficial social hub of the entire office! (YIKES!) I’m not sure there could have been a worse spot in the whole building for my ADHD brain to focus! All kidding aside, the physical environment of a job is an extremely important consideration for anyone with ADHD that often goes overlooked.

Have you identified which work conditions are best for your brain? Don’t worry, we will keep it easy to figure it out! Get content delivered straight to your phone, where you are. No log-ins or passwords to remember. Start doing work that matters to you, so that you can live the happier life you deserve and unlock your true potential! Enroll today in the, How To Find Work That WORKS for Your ADHD text-message based course.

Partner With an ADHD Coach To Develop Strategies for Prioritizing Work Tasks

ADHD makes it challenging for us to prioritize tasks. This is related to what is known as “Executive Functioning” —those essential cognitive skills that help us plan, organize, and complete tasks. In the battle against ADHD tendencies, you may struggle with doing the things you know must get done.

I am the poster child for Executive Functioning challenges. Almost every morning of my corporate career, I went through a routine that went something like this: Arrive at work (late). Open email. Get stuck scrolling through your inbox for 2 hours, instead of preparing for the meeting with your boss. That pretty much describes the first 15 years of my career. Drowning in emails, with no plan, and no priorities. I was overwhelmed and spinning in a cyclone of papers, emails, and tasks. To put it lightly, I needed help.

Did my story sound a little too familiar to you? If so, you are NOT alone! These Executive Function roadblocks are precisely why finding the right strategy and planning mechanism that works best for your ADHD brain is so critically important. Fortunately for me, some frantic Google searching got me connected with an ADHD Coach. This Coach helped me to build the first version of what I now refer to as my “Morning Habit Stack”. This approach finally helped me to break down complex projects into manageable steps that worked with – instead of against – my ADHD brain.

By partnering with a coach who understands ADHD, you’ll develop personalized systems and strategies that work best for you, helping you finally get a grip on your professional life. Are you ready to feel what it’s like to have a daily plan in place, so that you can feel less flustered? My advice to you is to strongly consider seeking out a professional coach who specializes in ADHD. They’ll equip you with effective strategies to boost your focus and productivity, helping you conquer any work-related challenges that come your way. If you are ready to reclaim control of your career, you can explore the benefits of ADHD coaching and find a coach who truly understands your needs. Creating effective strategies that work with your brain is the key to a successful career and life with ADHD. It’s fully attainable through ADHD Coach Ryan’s Conquer Your ADHD™ System. Book a free call today!

Use ADHD Accountability To Manage Time at Your Job

Ah, deadlines… the nemesis of many ADHD folks. Our sense of time can be a bit, well, distorted. This is actually not your fault! It is part of ADHD. It is called time blindness. Time is hard for us to grasp. Many times it takes a deadline to motivate us to do a task. Managing time, prioritizing tasks, and staying organized can feel like trying to untangle a slinky.

Many of my clients have found that having a body double can be a total game-changer for managing time more effectively. In case you aren’t familiar with the concept of “body doubling”, allow me to share this amazing ADHD-friendly strategy! You partner up with someone who is also trying to get something done. You both state what you want to accomplish, then work in tandem to stay on task. Then report back to each other, keeping your partner and yourself accountable for completing your task in the allotted time frame with a deadline. I literally employ this technique every single day. It works like magic for me. You can partner with a friend, ADHD community, or a Coach. It is (hands down) one of the most effective ways for people with ADHD to get control of time blindness. Speaking of hitting goals, I also want to share a resource I learned about recently. The Agave Health app has interactive tools for accountability and unlimited messaging to ADHD coaches. Talk about an accountability dream! Plus the first 7 days are free. Together, we can master the time management tango and become work wizards!

Overcome the ADHD Stigma at Work by Joining an ADHD Community

We can’t ignore the elephant in the room at work — the ADHD stigma. Many of us fear being judged or labeled as lazy or incompetent at work. Well guess what? We’re so much more than our diagnosis. Joining an ADHD community is like being in a stadium where everyone is cheering for your team. We are all in this together, and are stronger together. An ADHD community is a safe space where you can share your journey, challenges, and triumphs. You will feel seen – like you have finally arrived where you belong! Together, we’ll break free from the stigma and empower one another to achieve greatness. Connect with similarly wired neurodivergent folks who understand the struggles you face. Share tips and tricks, exchange ideas, and learn from each other’s experiences.
It’s time to rise above the stigma! Discover an ADHD community to get support along every step of the way in a completely judgment-free zone. Finally find where you belong today!

Move Your Body To Overcome ADHD Hyperactivity in the Office

Oh, the restlessness! Many times, sitting still in a traditional office setting from 9-5 is the norm. I mean, this is just part of being a grown-up, right? For anyone with ADHD, keeping our bodies and brains still is much easier said than done! The reason for this is that our ADHD energy craves movement and variety. But guess what? We can turn this challenge into an opportunity. Advocate for yourself! Explore flexible work arrangements that accommodate your need for breaks and movement.

One of the easiest ways I have found to do that is using a standing desk. Whenever I am feeling antsy, I change position. Other movement break ideas for a corporate setting include: walking around with a coworker, taking a bathroom break,, doing some jumping jacks or climbing a few flights of stairs before a boring meeting. (Bonus points for doing bodyweight exercises between tasks!) I put together an Exercise and Action worksheet to mandate movement (and track my tasks) throughout the day! Taking short movement breaks helps to get the blood pumping and bring focus back to your ADHD brain throughout the day. Once you start leveraging simple tips to break out of the stagnant sitting situations, your brain and body will thank you. Humans are meant to move! Unleash your productivity by embracing your natural instincts.

Overcome ADHD Challenges in Your Job and Thrive!

Even if your neurodivergent brain has caused the road to success to be a bit bumpier than you expected, that doesn’t mean you have to crash. It is possible to achieve your goals in the working world, despite having ADHD! With the right tools, strategies, and a support squad by your side, you can thrive in the workplace and show the world the incredible things we ADHD warriors are capable of!

I believe in YOU!

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