5 Reasons Why an Adult With ADHD Should Consider Joining a Digital Community

Adults with ADHD have brains that are fundamentally different than those of neurotypicals. These differences may wreak havoc on a person with ADHD’s personal and professional lives. The ADHD struggle is real…especially when you try to tackle the challenges alone.

No matter where you live in the world or where you are with your ADHD journey, the Ryan Mayer Coaching Digital Community has something for you. The vision for this network is for everyone to find acceptance, support, understanding and hope amidst their daily ADHD challenges.

Below are 5 of the biggest benefits that adults with ADHD would experience from joining the Ryan Mayer Coaching Digital Community:

1. Connect With Others Who Have Similar Experiences and Adult ADHD Challenges.

Adults with ADHD often struggle with impulsivity, difficulty focusing, problems with organization and time management. These difficulties can make it challenging for us to maintain relationships, perform well in the workplace, and manage daily responsibilities.

ADHD can make someone feel alone and misunderstood. One of the greatest challenges for those of us with ADHD is feeling like we have to suffer with our ADHD challenges in isolation. Helping another is the great solution. Using experience, strength and hope to lift up another person with ADHD who is in a dark place can really help to improve our own self esteem as well.

2. The ADHD Digital Community Can Provide Emotional Support and Encouragement at Any Time of the Day.

One of the best parts of being hosted on an online platform is that the digital community does not have a closing time or office hours. Community members from many different time zones, countries, and cultures can interact with each other and provide instant support no matter what time of day.

3. Share Tips and Strategies for Managing ADHD Symptoms.

What works for one person to manage an ADHD symptom may be something another person hadn’t tried before. It is awesome to have a group of trustworthy people with ADHD to bounce ideas off of in a judgment free zone. For example, one member shared that they were going through a tough time at work. They asked for help and were immediately assisted by group members offering strategies that have worked for them.

4. Reduce Feelings Of Isolation and Improve Overall Well-being.

Recently, the group utilized games to leverage the competitive side of adults with ADHD. Most recently, the water photo hydration challenge! People with ADHD sometimes struggle to drink water. When a community member saw a photo of another member drinking water, it served as a reminder to meet them with a sip! 

Monthly challenges such as last month’s self care challenge were beneficial because it helped the members of the community to focus on individual needs while improving as a group.  It has been rewarding cheering on community members for these types of challenges that may be dismissed in regular life.

5. Enter a Safe Place To Explore the ADHD Condition Without Revealing It to the World.

Recently, a current client shared that he only consumes my ADHD content through LinkedIn.  Due to the stigma surrounding ADHD’s impact on someone’s ability to perform, he is not comfortable commenting, sharing, or even liking posts about ADHD for fear that it could tarnish his professional reputation. If you suspect that challenges you are facing are a result of ADHD (whether you are formally diagnosed or not), but are afraid to engage with the social media content, the RMC Digital Community may be just the network you are looking for.

In addition to these 5 main benefits, Ryan Mayer Coaching Digital Community members also get several bonuses including access to ADHD Coach Ryan for 2 question and answer sessions per month, VIP behind the scenes footage, early access to Ryan’s programs as well as a monthly newsletter.

What Are Members of the Ryan Mayer Coaching Digital Community for Adults With ADHD Saying?

Everyones experience is different, but the Patreon community has something for everyone.

1. What aspect of your ADHD do you struggle with the most?

Self perception, time management, emotional regulation, and Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria. (RSD)

2. What has been the biggest benefit of being part of the RMC digital community for you?

Having people I can talk to about my ADHD. I don’t really have a lot of people I trust, and the digital community has shown itself to be a safe space to talk about the challenges I face in my ADHD.

3. Would you recommend doing the RMC Digital Community to another adult with ADHD? If so, why?

Yes highly recommend. Not only a great community for belonging and outreach but so many valuable resources and a place to keep gently held accountable.

4. There are people with ADHD from all over the world in the RMC Community. How has that been for you?

I love that the community is worldwide. It’s another great reminder that we aren’t alone and an advantage to always having someone around when you need an ear.

You’re Not Alone in Your Fight Against ADHD…Not Anymore.

Every challenge we face in life is easier to endure when you know that there are people who have your back. You don’t need to suffer in isolation anymore. You are only a few clicks away from discovering the acceptance you thought you would never find. Join the RMC Digital Community today!

You’ve got this!

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