Ryan Mayer Coaching featured on Patreon as a Top Creator for ADHD Awareness

The Ryan Mayer Coaching Digital Community Members support each other in a 100% judgment free zone in 10 chat channels on Patreon.

We have monthly challenges. We share funny moments. We share ADHD problems. We encourage each other. We keep each other accountable. We save each other’s lives. We are growing and we are getting noticed…
Recently, the Ryan Mayer Coaching Digital Community opened its doors to FREE members. Now nothing stands in the way of people with ADHD getting the support they deserve. Any time of the day.
RMC Digital Community is 1 out of 250,000 creators on Patreon. They noticed the rapid growth in our free community and asked to do a case study on us!

I am humbled 😊 that our growing community is featured in this article by Patreon.

So have you joined us on the free tier of Patreon yet? What are you waiting for?

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About Ryan Mayer

Professional Life Coach Ryan Mayer is an Accountability and Mindset Coach, specializing in working with adult men and women with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
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