ADHD at Work

Find out why ADHD always derails you at work, and how to get back on track!

The Simple Strategies Overwhelmed Professionals with ADHD can use to Increase Productivity, Improve Performance, and Reduce Anxiety
Without having to work ANY additional hours!

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6 things you will learn

Over six weeks, you can expect big changes. Say goodbye to the shame you feel at work.

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6 Weeks. Every Tuesday starting 1/3/23. 2:30-4:30 EST.

Enjoy a training sessions followed by Q&A.


$ 1499 One time
  • 6 Weekly Sessions
  • See Big changes
  • Max 20 people
Price Increasing in January to $2499.


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Price: $1,499.00

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Over six weeks, you can expect big changes. Say goodbye to the shame you feel at work.

Overwhelmed. Hopeless. Scared of getting fired (again) at any moment. Sound familiar? Does your ADHD make it feel like you are always playing life on “hard mode”?

When ADHD is negatively impacting your performance at work, it can damage your self worth, and adversely affect every aspect of your life. Good news: There is a better way!

Partner with certified ADHD Coach Ryan Mayer, who will lead you through this storm and into smooth waters. Reconnect with a deeper purpose, hit your goals, and unlock your full potential!

In this interactive six-week course, you will find out why your ADHD brain is so stubborn, how to get unstuck, and have a little fun along the way!

Course cost: $2,999, currently running a special 50% off. $1,499.50. Limited time offer. Spots are filling quickly! Click here to apply! Next course starts Tuesday, January 3rd 2:30-4pm through February 7th.

Price Increasing in January to $2,999.

Free Webinar -

5 Shifts for Conquering Your ADHD at Work

You know “what to do”, you know “how to do it”, but when it is time to ACTUALLY WORK ON “the thing”, you just can’t seem to get started, right?! If that sounds familiar, than this webinar is for you!