How To Manage Your ADHD During the Adderall Shortage: Help From a Certified ADHD Coach

You have a script to get Adderall….which is currently unable to be filled… Out of stock?!  What a nightmare! 😱 You may be wondering… how is a person with ADHD supposed to function without meds?! Not to worry; We will solve this problem together!

There has been an Adderall shortage since October 2022 which may continue, as this article suggests. This can bring lots of stress to an already challenged person living with ADHD! Emotional regulation issues like frustration and anger from hearing the news that your ADHD medication is out of stock can derail you. Executive function difficulties make it hard to even initiate a plan to attack the problem. You may feel frozen. So…. What to do?!

An adult with ADHD who is experiencing difficulty obtaining Adderall may want to consider the following options:

Work With a Certified ADHD Coach

The pills don’t bring the skills. Even when taking medication as directed by my doctor, if I don’t have a plan in place for my day, my brain wonders like a balloon and I don’t execute on top priorities. ADHD Life Coaching can help you to formulate a specific plan that makes sense for your brain, working within your strengths and passions, and providing actionable steps and accountability to achieve your goals. Book a call with Coach Ryan today!

Search Around for Adderall ADHD Medication

As people with ADHD know all too well, when we get hyper-focused on something, nothing stops us. If you are feeling inclined, explore other sources for obtaining Adderall, such as pharmacies in nearby towns or online pharmacies. Although it is important to be cautious about buying medications from unknown sources.

Talk to Your ADHD Healthcare Provider About Switching ADHD Medications

Consider switching to a different stimulant medication, such as Ritalin or Concerta, which may be more readily available.

It’s important to consult with a healthcare provider before making any changes to your treatment plan.

You may also want to speak with your healthcare provider about alternative treatment options for ADHD, such as non-stimulant medications or behavioral therapies.

Try Natural Brain Performance Enhancement for ADHD: Eat, Sleep and Exercise!

You can go the natural route. Can getting more sleep really improve brain health? Can getting more exercise really improve brain function? Yes! I can 100% tell a difference in my day when I get my morning workout completed. If I do not exercise in the morning, I am more sluggish during the day. In fact, I may or may not have slept on the floor of my office last week after a late night and no morning workout. Sleep, nutrition and exercise can make a big difference. However it takes commitment and consistency. ADHD Coaching can help with that too! 

You Are Not Alone With Your ADHD. Not Anymore

Whichever road you chose to travel down during the Adderall shortage: exploring ADHD Coaching, chasing down Adderall, talking to your doctor about changing medication, improving nutrition/sleep/exercise, or a combination of them all, most importantly know that you are not alone.  Meds or no meds, having ADHD is hard. Your ADHD family is here for you to support you in your ADHD journey. If you are looking for additional support for your ADHD, learn more about the Ryan Mayer Coaching Digital Community here.

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